Testimonials from users of Dr. ColorChip products.


A comprehensive review created by one of our customers on their Dodge Charger.


A video created by one of our users who got his first big paint chip on his vehicle.


A video created by one of our users, Tara, who uses touch-up paint to repair the deep paint chips on the front of her 2007 BMW 335i E93. She used Dr. ColorChip Automotive Paint Repair Kit for the first time.

  • Thanks for the quick response and fulfilment! The product is incredible! I'm taking the car to an auction tomorrow, and because of your product, I should be able to get thousands more than otherwise! Please feel free to use me as a referral. Your products, and your service are impeccable!

    Andy Douglas
  • Thanks! I know my brother will appreciate the kit as much as I have mine (Jaguar Racing Green for my 2004 XJ8 and Grand Prix White for my 1988 Porsche 928S4). You have a fabulous product!

    Albert E. Estrada
  • Hello, I recently purchased a kit from you for a 1995 BMW 530i in Orient Blue. The product is fantastic, attached is a photo of the end product. All I can say is before I started, it looked like someone shot my hood with a shotgun.

    Michael J. Patch
  • I bought one recently to try it out on my car. There's no better way to say how much I like the ease of use of this product than to put in another order for my wife's minivan. It was definitely as easy to use as advertised on your website.

    Ben Say
  • I recently finished touching up my 2005 Lexus ES 330 with your kit, and the results are superb! So good, in fact, that I was able to install an Invisible Shield 3M clear bra, and the underlying finish looks new! The color match for my paint (Garnet Black Pearl) was absolutely perfect. You folks have the best product and system available, period!

    Don Warner
  • Dealerships had better realize what a pain in the ass "touch up" paint is to get: 3 weeks to receive it, no instructions on the best way to apply, markup on paint is way overboard. Your product is like "painting for dummies". It makes the process so much smoother. Get out there and advertise!!

    Joe S
  • I've been a real gear-head for 45 years and have always tried to keep my cars looking sharp. I think I've tried just about every paint touchup technique or product to hit the market since 1965. Absolutely none have produced the extraordinary results produced by Dr ColorChip. The color match is perfect and the ease of application is amazing. I purchased a kit for my Ford Ranger. It was so great so I ordered another for my Porsche. That one was equally impressive. Today, I ordered one for my Audi. You guys deserve some kind of industry award! Best system in the world!

    Al Rabold
  • Just a quick thank you... your product worked exactly as advertised on my car. Great product, many thanks!

    Brad H
  • This is one of the first products I have used that worked exactly as advertised. My motorcycle is black so I was very skeptical. But after watching several videos and customer reviews that were very positive, I ordered the kit in my color. What a surprise! The smaller dings, one swipe and gone. The larger chips one or two more. Two were on top of the tank and you absolutely cannot see where they were. BUY THIS PRODUCT!

    Peter Larimer
  • I am very happy with the system we purchased from your company. We implemented your system on Sept 10th, and in the first 20 days of the month we have touched up 38 cars and no longer require the services of an outside vendor. This has generated thousands of Rands in profit for our detailing centre. I will be purchasing our second system in the next 30-45 days. Thanks for your help...

    Dave Echenoz Supercenter Carwash
  • Thank you!  What an amazing product! Just wanted to share my experience from using your product over the weekend.  One word:  WOW.  I fixed probably two dozen chips and even blended away a significant amount of road rash on my 04 E46 Imola Red BMW M3.  She just looks AMAZING this morning and your kit was the easiest to use, and the best results I have ever seen.  Thanks again! I just wish there was more of the second stage product. I still have half a jar of paint and out of the rest. Thanks again!

    Stefan Yotz
  • So a few weeks ago I took my 3-month-old truck to get some crushed rock from a garden supply store.  Wasn't paying attention and the front end loader operator dumped some rock down the side of the box, causing a number of paint chips.  Body shop quoted $700 for the panel Ordered your product and did the work this morning Didn't completely fill in all the chips, but certainly did the job From a couple of feet away, you would need to know just where to look to see the damage. Great product!

  • Perfect match Guys, thanks very much for your persistence, appreciated.

    Steve Gilbey